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The History of Chowan Beach
by George Farrell and Rawl Gelinas
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Part Ten

Much of what is presented in this final section is gleaned from deeds, Title Insurance Policy and other such official documents. Most of the rest of the information came from letters between corporations and individuals, letters between individuals, newsletters to property owners and The Articles of Incorporation, the By-Laws and the Restrictive Covenants.

The oldest of these deeds begins with the sale of 116 acres of what was known as the Bond tract by Major and Loomis Company to Camp Manufacturing Company. Camp Manufacturing Company later became the Union Bag-Camp Paper Corp. The Bond tract had been conveyed to Major & Loomis by Edward Z. Evan and wife, Lena H. Evans; Clarence Bunch and wife, Dixie H. Bunch; Walter Bond and wife, Percie Bond on 14 Dec 1948. Some time during the 10 years between 1953 and 1963, Don Foote and his wife Shirley of Ingham County, Michigan subsequently acquired The Bond tract. Don Foote and wife Shirley also purchased Chowan Beach Section A from JM Forehand on 2 February 1960. One month later this property, about 95 acres, was sold to the Chowan Land Company (president Hoyt H. Case, Secretary Don Foote!). The Chowan Land Company immediately began the development of what is now the Chowan Beach Sub-Division. It is interesting to note that Don Foote and his wife Shirley also sold some of the property to Southern Properties to be developed into the Arrowhead Boat and Beach Club to form the present day Arrowhead Beach Sub-Division.

The deed book shows that there were restrictive covenants on each of the lots that were sold. In a private communication with Mr. Larry Harrell of the Chowan Beach Sub-Division, he said that he believed that the covenants were not enforced and that the formation of a property owners association was not encouraged. In a private conversation with another extremely long time resident, it was revealed that no membership assessment was levied by the Chowan Land Company for the upkeep of the common properties like the entrance and the beach and boat ramp. In consequence there was no incentive for a true property owners association to be formed, which resulted in Chowan Beach devolving to the condition that it is in today where there is a only the voluntary Chowan Beach Recreation Association, Inc., which holds ownership of the beach, boat ramp, dock, and associated common area and maintains it through voluntary annual membership dues and donations.

On April 24, 1978, Articles of Incorporation of the Chowan Beach Recreation Association, Inc. was formed. One would presume that the Chowan Land Company began to find that the cost of the upkeep of the park area and the entrance gate was becoming more than the income from the sale of lots, and the Chowan Land Company began to investigate ways to lessen the expense. Since a property owners association had not been encouraged, perhaps if a recreational association were to form, the Company could divest itself of the park and other properties. This is NOT known to be what happened, it is merely a presumption on the part of the author. The Articles of Incorporation reveal that the number of directors constituting the initial Board of Directors were to be three who were to serve as directors until the first meeting of the corporation or until their successors were elected and qualified. Those initial three directors were: Ernest M. Swanner, Al Owens, and Blanch Fulcher. One can assume that these three persons were the President, the Secretary and the Treasurer, since those are the minimum number of officers that can make up a corporation. The incorporator was Max S. Busby (attorney). On May 25 1979, The Chowan Land Company entered into a Quitclaim Deed and transferred all of what is the Chowan Beach Park to the Chowan Beach Recreation Association, Inc.

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